Material & Outcome


For all our workshops, we provide for participants to identify opportunities and challenges they face in their current task area, and easy, non-time-consuming readings. The readings are often single page articles.

Readings and a simple task preparation worksheet is emailed to participants before the workshop. A customised workbook with company vision, strategy and logo, that cover the information shared in the workshop is provided.

Participants will understand the process involved in strategic thinking as a tool for enhancing performance and develop an action plan for implementation in their own organisation. The expected results will be innovations in strategies, processes, products and other improvements that would lead to enhanced performance and increased productivity and profits.

Outcome Report for Management Follow-up
We provide evaluation options as well as workshop outcome reports that add value to the company, enhanced with my personal comments, for possible management follow-up.  We also suggest possible next-steps, to further ensure the closing of the gap between implementation and practice. These vary from a suggestion of suitable follow-up workshops, readings, or related websites for participants to visit; all of which would help them to continue their strategic journey. Most of the information is available at no additional cost to clients.

Our efforts in making training a fun learning experience with real time implementation leads to Empowered Participants. Please click to see participant/client feedback.

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